Pinpoint Your business improvement opportunities.

Eighty six percent of all dealership sales today start with an incoming phone call. TelePulse© provides your dealership a team of remote agents who listen to every customer interaction that is received on your toll-free or local recorded lines, creating abbreviated summaries of each call.  It provides you a transcribed synopsis of your calls in an easy, personalized web-based report that is available 24 hours a day.

TelePulse© monitors interactions between staff and customers to pinpoint business improvement in key areas such as customer relations, customer recovery, sales, service, and marketing.  Key personnel will regularly know the content of their departments’ calls. TelePulse© also provides owners and managers current information for Sales and Service Department meetings, appointment confirmation and marketing efforts.

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  • Phone Call Confidence

    We help your staff build the know-how and confidence to navigate every call, obtain important prospect information, and set the appointment.
  • Handling Difficult Situations

    We’ll even teach you how to handle the difficult ones, to end up with happy, satisfied customers…and successful employees.
  • Evaluation Process

    Their evaluation reinforces what your call handlers are doing well, and identifies what they need to do differently.