Capture Every lead & Evaluate Worth

CallCapture© is our easy-to-use online call reporting tool that tracks and records your inbound calls and saves them to a designated website for analysis and evaluation. It’s the tool you need to track quality assurance and identify opportunities for improvement. CallCapture© provides your dealership with toll free and local numbers to place in various advertising sources to assess advertising reach and track ad effectiveness.

Clients have a personalized dashboard with secure log in and password to access any time, 24 hours a day, to view the status of recorded phone calls. 

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  • Phone Call Confidence

    We help your staff build the know-how and confidence to navigate every call, obtain important prospect information, and set the appointment.
  • Handling Difficult Situations

    We’ll even teach you how to handle the difficult ones, to end up with happy, satisfied customers…and successful employees.
  • Evaluation Process

    Their evaluation reinforces what your call handlers are doing well, and identifies what they need to do differently.