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Customers shop differently in today’s automotive, RV, and marine marketplace.  They do their research on the Internet, find what they’re interested in, and make a list of available dealers to visit. When they are ready to buy, they give you a call. You better know what to say if you want to close the deal.

Consumers today are well-versed in their buying needs and they know it.  We know it too.  That’s why PCS-Global has spent over 40 years teaching dealers like yours the real value of a phone call, and how you can convert more call prospects into showroom visitors so your closers can complete the sale. We are professionals, with decades of experience analyzing customer behavior, the makeup of phone calls, and how people respond positively to the right tactics.  

We’ve developed pioneering methods that solve everyday problems like yours; innovative solutions that can make a difference in your bottom line. Our products work.  

We will help you increase your showroom visitors from in-bound phone calls, three to seven times the national average. We’ll help you improve sales, acquire higher customer retention, and build greater employee satisfaction. Factors that directly affect your profitability.

If you’re like most dealerships, you can’t afford to let one deal slip away. Yet it happens daily.  Our tools can change that for you, with successful methods that help you initiate the deal and keep it. We have the roadmap; all you have to do is follow it.


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Take a look at our exclusive products and programs that can help you become more successful by getting better at what you do. Call us at 888.481.8771. We’ll show you how PCS-Global will make the difference in your dealership.

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Coaching is essential to success. As a sales manager, one of your jobs is to coach your staff and help your people improve and grow on the job. PCS-Global will help you do that. CallCoach® is our dynamic performance management solution that helps you maximize your team’s response to every incoming phone call and convert those prospects into dealership visitors. 

Call Capture

Track and record your inbound phone calls. CallCapture© provides your dealership with toll free and local numbers to place in various advertising sources to assess advertising reach and track ad effectiveness. Every lead is captured and is available for evaluation. It’s the tool you need to track quality assurance and identify opportunities for improvement.

Tele Pulse

Eighty six percent of all dealership sales today start with an incoming phone call. TelePulse© provides your dealership a team of remote agents who listen to every customer interaction that is received, creating abbreviated summaries of each call. It provides you a transcribed synopsis of your calls in an easy, personalized web-based report that is available 24 hours a day.

Talk Pro

Talkpro takes you the distance. It’s the difference between setting an appointment or losing a potential customer. TalkPro workshops are intensive, two day training seminars that can take you from a rookie to a pro, turning you into an ace with incoming customer calls. The skills you gain with our training will help you set your own bar higher for future success.


View a library of videos constructing an overview of multiple products services offered by PCS-Global. In this section, we go over TalkPro, TelePulse, CallCapture, CallCoach, and give you an introduction on Dr. John Mlinarcik.


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