Remember the old-fashioned BDC (Business Development Centers) or phone rooms . . . rather, Business Detention Centers, or so dubbed by the sales consultants “sentenced” to that room?

Learn what today’s savvy dealerships are doing to Find, Serve and Keep their customers – by Finding, Serving & Keeping their employees. It takes a distinct set of skills & personality traits to handle in-bound & out-bound sales calls, internet leads and floor traffic – therefore Relationship Management Centers (RMCs) are matching employee talents for successfully handling Floor, Internet and Telephone leads (what we call “getting F.I.T.”). The results are producing 300% to 400% improvement in sales volume plus long-term retention increases.

Highly successful Business Development Centers today are focusing more on Relationship Management – and they have the tools and know how to drive it. The latest sophisticated, integrated technology allows for entering data once, leveraging it often – across business units. Learn what it takes to operate a Relationship Management Center and compare your ROI with those who enjoy doing this RMC work vs. loathe it.

We know that true customer retention is determined by how you interact and communicate with customers after the initial point of contact, yet the primary responsibility in most dealerships has been laid at the feet of the salesperson. However, we have long realized that the same set of skills that make salespeople successful are clearly not the same set that drives the ultimate in customer care. It is becoming more evident that building long-term relationships will be the key to dealership success in the future. We used to think that the key to customer retention was based upon the customer handling experience during the initial sale – then the industry focus changed to the quality of the vehicle service experience. Now we know that more than ever, it depends not only on those interactions but also upon the quality of the contacts and “human touch” between repurchase experiences.

Some of the most successful dealers have learned how to bridge the gap between customer expectations and salesperson responsibilities using an integrated approach that combines people, processes, skills and technology to deliver superior customer service with consistency. The central feature of this approach is the integrated Relationship Management Center (RMC). The RMC is far more than simply a phone room or internet leads process. By integrating several key customer contact and retention processes into a single focused operation, dealers have been able to dramatically improve the quality of the customer’s experience and do so with accuracy, measurements and accountability for results.

Learn how the expectations of customers will require different skills and integrated processes from our employees and managers. Customer focused processes will continue to change automotive retailing, moving from “selling” to “partnering” with customers for long term productive relationships, which will provide your dealership an accelerated competitive advantage. Organized with a customer centric structure, synchronized with defined and documented processes, driven by integrated reward systems and propelled by integrated technology the RMC will allow for successful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) development – to FIND, SERVE AND KEEP customers by better matching (FINDING), training (SERVING) and retaining (KEEPING) employees.

As you move into the next phase of managing customer relationships, we invite you to explore the question: “Are You Ready” for the integrated processes of an RMC – Relationship Management Center? If so, please contact us for a free assessment of your existing operations and to talk through how we can help transform your “traditional” BDC into a high-performing RMC!